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Persistent Non Cancer Pain

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Persistent Non Cancer Pain
One in five people will experience persistent pain in their lifetime. People who experience persistent pain access healthcare services more frequently and this places a great burden on the Australian economy, costing $34 billion a year. Persistent pain is 4% of all chronic problems managed by General Practitioners (GPs) which equates to around 74,000 persistent pain patient problems managed by GPs in 2013 in the Hunter Medicare Local (HML) region. The Hunter Integrated Pain Service (HIPS) offers specialist pain management support in the Hunter New England Local Health District (HNE LHD). HIPS was one of the first specialist teams that requested to be a part of the Hunter & New England (H&NE) HealthPathways process.
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Hunter & New England HealthPathways Phase 2 Evaluation
July 2014
Wiggers, J., O’Dea, I., Gray, J., Lynch, M., Tay, T., Hay, L., Mackenzie, M., Swan, J., & Harrison, K. (2014). Persistent Non Cancer Pain (Hunter & New England HealthPathways Phase 2 Evaluation).
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